Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Pupil Flatness, Classical & Embryological Analysis

Superior Temporal Flatness at 40' ~ 80' relates to hearing and balance problem, tendency to vertigo, headache, tinnitus.

1) The humoral structural signs attached to the border of the collarette, which structural sign is significant for an Iridologist to set priority for analyse ?
a) The smallest crypt that attached to the collarette - 235' & 240'
b) Indentation of the closed lacuna at 145

2) Which embryological sign is the most significant to look for ?
Most of the structural signs such as crypt and small closed lacuna located inside the collarette or inner pupillary zone are all important for embryological analysis..but find the deepest lacuna/ degenerative level of the lacuna ....@ 155'

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