Saturday, November 05, 2011

Cat's Claw IPB, Pigment Dipersion Syndrome, Pupillary Shadow Ring, Stomach Ring & Embryological Signs

(Photo used permission by Dr.Janes Smolnik)

Preliminary Assessment :
1) Genral Hyperthrophic of the IPB Structure :
- Tendencies to hyperthyrodism, blood sugar imbalance/Diabetes, System Lupus & Rheumatoid arthritis. 
2) External Curvature Of Cat's Claw IPB & Heart Sign :
- Progesterone deficiency
- Low resistance to stress
- Fibromyalgia
3) Pigment Dipersion Syndrom At The Ventral Section Of  The IPB :
- Gestational Vitamin C deficiency.
4) Pupillary Shadow Ring in Grey Colour :
- Family history of cancers
- Anaemia 
5) Lightened Stomach Ring :
- Excessive acidity within the system
- Tendency to hypoglycaemia
6) Distended, Zig-Zag , Indentation & Double Collarette :
- Tendency to bloating and flatulence
- Time Risk evaluation for Indentation of the collarette
- Tendency to migraine , depression and irritation of mesenteric lymphatic and nervous system
7) Closed Lacunae Attached Inside The Pupillary Zone And Border Of The Collarette :
- Embryological & Classical Iridology analysis
8) Stairstep Lacuna Inside The Ventral Section Of The Pupillary Zone
- Family history of intestinal tumours, gastric ulcerations and intestinal dysbiosis

External Curvature Cat's Claw Sign !

a) Heart Sign
b) Pigment Dispersion formation in the ventral section of the IPB

Pupillary Shadow Ring !

a) White/lightened stomach ring
b) Pupillary shadow ring

a) Stairstep lacuna
b) Indentation of the collarette
c) Double collarette

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