Friday, November 04, 2011

Stress Axis, Radii solaris, Melanin Pigments, Pigmented & Local Indented Collarette

(Lx-Photo Used Permission By Dr. Bryan Massey)

Preliminary Assessment :
1) Biliary Iris Constitution.
2) Stress Axis formation with radial furrow and melanin pigment.
3) Contraction furrows/stress rings - focus on the stress at break and terminate
 reflex areas.
4) The size, density and location of the melanin pigment, observe the smallest and location of the pigment that nearest to the pupillary zone and co-sign with radii solaris. Observe the darkest brown pigment at 125'.
5) Pigmented collarette mixed with yellowish-orange colour, tendency to kidney disturbances, intestinal dysbiosis, essential fatty acid deficiency, blood sugar imbalance and emotional conflicts.
6) Rarefaction of the iris fibres structure and the smallest brown pigment located at the bronchials reflex zone and loose fibres structure at reflexive lung areas.
7) Closed lacunae attached on the humoral zone, indicates general endocrine imbalance and emotional dynamics of the collarette evaluation.
8) Indentation of the collarette at 250' suggest Time Risk evaluation.

1) Radial furrow at 0' and melanin pigment located at 170' relate to Stress Axis formation indicates hypothalamus and  pituitary stress with adrenal fatigue. Tendency to have poor adaptability and reactive to stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia,  possible panic attacks and stress related negative emotional issues have a stress axis.
2) Closed lacunae attached on the outside border of the collarette indicates glandular or endocrine system deficiency, the lacunae located at the humoral zone of 30', 54', 100', 112' ,125' & 342' relates to cardiovascular stress, blood sugar imbalance and stress in limbic system.
3) Rarefaction of the fibres iris structure at 240' and 275' suggest low resiliency and reaction to the disease and illness against to liver function and breathing system.
4) Small melanin pigment at 260' structurally seated with rarefaction or loosening of the fibres structure at the bronchials areas tendency to have chronic or severe bronchitis problem.
5) Melanin pigment nearest to the collarette at 170' is more significant than the darkest melanin pigment at 125', both are importance for health evaluation. I would suggest a medical check-up for kidneys and spleen is necessary !
6) An indentation of the local collarette at 240', concerns with Time Risk and The Emotional Dynamics of the Collarette evaluation. Possible the traumatic/ Stress event related to an unresolved betrayal issues happened at the aged of 20 ! Please be noted that the birder of the collarette pigmented with yellowish-orange colour indicates kidneys and pancreas insufficiency and emotionally showing deep seated issues of  betrayal , uncertainty, fear , anxiety and worrying problems.

a) Priority evaluation for a pigment which nearest to the pupillary zone or the edge of inner pupillary border.
b) The pigment co-sign with the terminate of the contraction furrow showing significant impact on the affected area suggest spleen disturbances.
c) Melanin pigment indicates anger and resentment !
d) Spleen relates to the issues of self-limitation and disappointment !

A rarefaction of the iris fibres structure intercepting with terminates of contraction furrows indicating a significant stress of breast or lung system.

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