Monday, November 14, 2011

Indented Heart Lacuna Vs Space Risk 9 & Palisade Fenceposts IPB- (sus-3)

 Please look at the cases sus-1 & 2, and we will come to a conclusion for the above presentation... Take note that the genetic structural presentation with subtle relationship of penetrated lacuna at 270' & Introflession of the IPB at 290' & Stacked IPB ( you may send me an e-mail for comment on this post ).......

The Combination of Space Risk 9 at 290' , Indented lacuna at 270' & Palisade Fenceposts/Stacked IPB structure at nasal section of the IPB strongly indicate this person tendency to have cardiovascular risk and possible heart attack. In addition, please take note that the indented closed lacuna at 270' embryologically represent a breast problem. Suggest a client to have medical checking for heart disease and breast cancer examine!

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