Sunday, November 06, 2011

Atrophy IPB, Pupil Flatness, Waterfall Pigment, Time Risk & Embryological Signs

(Rx-Photo used permission by Susan Laing)

1) Atrophy of the IPB - Tonsillitis, hypotension and intestinal dysbiosis tendency.
2) Orange pigments indicate blood sugar imbalance, diabetes mellitus.
a) & b) Inferior Nasal & Lateral temporal Flatness - Osteoporosis, history of sacral, lumbar and coccyx injuries and asthma tendency.
c) Small orange pigment at 75' embryological sign..adrenal fatigue.
d) Waterfall pigment at the ventral section of the collarette signifying kidneys, renal or uterus disturbances.
e) Closed lacuna penetrated the collarette at 235' indicates blood sugar imbalance, anger and resentment and possible  experienced traumatic stress at the aged of 21 !

Orange Waterfall Pigment !

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