Friday, August 15, 2008


Encapsulation stress lines encompass the areas of elimination, digestion and detofixication system :

Possible stress :
- colon indigestion problem
- constipation
- parasites or worms involvement
- emotional stress related - anger, strain, grief, frastrated, fear, worries.....
- gall bladder & pancreas - secreting of digestive juice disorder
- flatulence, bloating or intestinal gas
- liver stress - accumulation of excess fat

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

YB Koid Teng Guan

YB Koid Teng Guan (Adun Sungai Pinang Pulau Pinang, DAP Jelutong Parliamentary Secretary) visited to our clinic. Together with our Sivasnata clinic President, Senior Coordinator and with those complementary therapies.

YB Lydia Ong

Caason was conducting a sclerology consultation with YB Ms Lydia Ong ( EXCO Negeri Pulau Pinang ADUN Berapit) .

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Are You Suffering From Unsolved Health Problems or Undiagnosed Allergies ?

Allergy Antidotes Technique

Allergy Antidotes is a comprehensive system for assessing, identifying, and treating substance sensitivities with the goal of eliminating undesirable physical and emotional symptoms.

The Allergy Antidotes system has been highly successful in reducing symptoms from substance sensitivities, the incidence of which continue to rise at an alarming rate.

There are several reasons for the astonishing increase in food and environmental sensitivities. The most obvious is that we are exposed to a greater quantity and diversity of chemicals and substances today than at any other time in human evolution. We inhale and ingest chemicals on a daily basis whose names we can’t even pronounce.

As a result, our natural immune defenses, which constantly process information to determine the safety of substances and simultaneously adjust our internal environment to maintain homeostasis in relationship to those substances, have become overloaded and are forced to succumb to allergy-like reactions.

Reactions to various substances can produce a myriad of symptoms including ADD, anxiety, depression, arthritis, respiratory problems, menstrual difficulties, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, brain fog, panic attacks, headaches, weight gain, learning disabilities, hyperactivity and aches and pains. The severity of the symptom runs the gamut from nasal congestion to psychosis.

Energy psychology treatments for substance sensitivities help to reprogram the body so that it no longer reacts negatively to the substance. Once reprogrammed the body essentially no longer views the substance as a poison. All of the treatments are done with the patient focused on the reactive substance. The focus can be while holding the substance, holding a tube with the energetic signature of the substance, holding a piece of paper with the name of the substance, or saying and thinking of the substance. The body’s energy system is then balanced in relation to the offending substance.

The treatment of stimulating acupuncture points eliminates the energy imbalance in relation to that substance and thereby ends the body’s negative reaction. The treatment is complete when the body has been reprogrammed to accept the substance.


R-Sclera : right side adrenal / kidney/elimination system stress
Left- Sclera : left side adrenal/kidney/ small intestine stress
Pituatary stress

Conclusion : Possible experiencing mental/emotional stress that might casue both side adrenal over-exhausted. Elimination and digestion system also effected.


Colon / Small intestine :
- encapsulation stress ( pocket stress ) growing at the colon reflex areas
- possible parasites, worms /bacterial in the colon\small intestine areas
- possible symptoms of indigestion, flatulence, gases, IBS, gastric, ulcer
- pancreas stress -secreting of digestive juice
- kidney stress

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Sclera Analysis:
- 3 black dots - circulatory blockages in colon & small intestine
- Possibly bladder infection with parasite involvement and an advanced stress line towards to the kidney reflex zone
-an encapsulation stress line originate from colon to kidney
- possible of harden tissues in the kidney
- deficiency of hydrocholic acid in the stomach - poor digestion
-degistive enzyme depletion
- pancreatic problem
- deficiency in secreting digestive enzyme

Iridology vs Sclerology Analysis

Left iris :

Right Sclera :

The below analysis with one patient -

Left iris analysis :

- cholesterol ring around the rim, indicates high cholesterol
- a dark scuf rim in the zone 7, also indicates a tendency for skin conditios such as acne, psoriasis and eczema
- sectoral opening or contraction furrows in multiples break in a direction toward zone 6 & 7, indicates a stress focus or insomnia
- vertical ray and small closed lacuna located at the adrenal & kidney reflex area, indicates possible mental stress and kidney dysfunction
- small scatted closed lacuna seated at the heart zone, a tendency of blood circulation problem
-low density and lose rarefaction of fibers in the stomach zone area, indicates poor digestion

Right Sclera:
- very obvious double advance stress lines located at the liver reflex area, indicates liver dsyfunction - fatty liver and high cholesterol, which affect the circulatory system
- brownish spot in the liver reflex area

Cholesterol Ring

Cholestrol Ring or Sodium Ring - white color surrounded with limbus
- posibble high cholesterol or fats in the blood circulatio system
- tendency for liver dysfunction with disturbed fat or glucose metabolism
- possible of cardiovascular degeneration

Iris- Case- 1

Left iris - Right iris -

Right Iris :

- Contraction Furrows :4 stress rings around the rim : posibble mental/nerve stress
- Radii Solaris : extended from Pupillary zone to Ciliary zone
1) the radials is extended into 4 sections : Head/Throat/Colon/ Lung
2) headache, insomnia, fatigue, poor digestion, elimination, candida/parasites involvement
3) restriction in harmonal & blood circulation
- Puntuate pigments : mostly in lung area, scatted dots in heart area, indicate liver stress
- 3 closed lacunae found in the lung area- possible having lung stress problem : asthma
-Hypothalamus- Adrenal-Pituitary Stress

Left Iris :

- Kidney stress
- Adrenal : mental stress
- Urinary bladder stress
- Closed lacuna in ovary : menstrual stress
- Skin disorder


Heart Reflex Zone :

-highly concentrated with encapsulation stress - infection in heart area
- possible high cholestrol in the body system
- left liver lobe - fatty liver
- possible blood circulation problem - Aorta
- highly possible of cardiovascular circulation problem

Conclusion : weak function in detoxification and blood circulation - cardiovascular stress


Colon & Stomach Reflex Zone :
- possible parasites involvement in the colon & stomach area - encapsulation stress
- indigestion, flatulence - Advance stress - " Y " fork
- low function of gall bladder & pancrease - especially in producing the digestive enzyme in small intestine for digestion

Conclusion : The patient is experiencing elimination and digestion problem

Saturday, August 02, 2008

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The Complete 12 Series of Video Presentation

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A short Presentation of Sclerology, Iridology & Foot Glyphology By Caason Tan

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The yellow dot spot in the right sclera, which indicate a lipid content or high cholestrol level in the body system

Happy Birthday to Mr.Murugiah. PJK. Senior Clinic Coordinator

Activitties in SivaSanta Clinic - 1/8/08

Caason's working desk ( Professional Digita Camera Iriscope, Sclera-scope,and some posters behind the board )

Ms Abi (left) and Ms Kim (right) registering the patient's records

Renee Tan is performing UE healing

New EFT Introduction Video........

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