Saturday, November 03, 2018

Collarette Gap - Prenatal Trauma, CAC, Time Risk & Emotional Dynamics of the Collarette - Lx

Linear & Local Distended Collarette - Hyperprolactinaemia & Neurotransmitters Imbalance - Lx

How to identify section linear collarette & local distended collarette under general distended collarette structure ? They are concern with Hyperprolactinaemia & Neurotransmitters imbalance tendencies in Modern Iridology approaches...

Paternal DNA Dominance, Linear & Local Distended Collarette - Lx

a) The client with a distended collarette structure will share a majority of their physical, physiological, emotional and personality traits with their father or paternal family history
b) Linear section of the collarette at 65'-85' suggests magnesium imbalance tendency.
c) Local distended collarette at 190' suggests adrenaline disturbances / adrenal fatigue. Generally, linear collarette also relates to blood sugar imbalance in family history.
d) Solitary lacuna located at external border of the collarette - 110' indicates family medical history of cardiovascular risk, especially paternal family history !

Bridge, Linear, Distended & Indented Collarette - Rx

a) Indented lacuna located at external collarette border - 187' relates to Classical, Time Risk, Emotional Dynamics of the Collarette, Gestational Trauma & Personal Chrobiological analysis.
b) Collarette Bridge at 257' relates to blood sugar imbalance.
c) Local distended collarette at 215' & 257' represent Neurotransmitters disturbances associated with adrenaline & histamine imbalance.
d) Linear collarette sections at 330'-345', 355'-10' & 50'-70' suggests tendency to insulin resistance, depression, sleep disorder problems, respiratory disturbances and lower chromium.
e) Indented lacuna located at adrenal/ cervix reflex zone - 187' represent predisposition to adrenal / cervical stress which also indicates Gestational Stress / Emotional Trauma / Time Risk happened during 5th month in utero, may cause progesterone, testosterone or PCOS (female) disturbances. Emotional trauma possible relates to fear !
f) Suggest for Bach Flower Remedies treatment for fear, depression, sleep disorder problems subject  to type of negative emotions. 
g) Best time to take remedies, 11am-12pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm & 12am or before sleep.

Pigment at Pupillary Zone, Linear Section & Distended Collarette in Modern Iridology - Lx

a) Brown pigment located at pupillary zone - 10' embryological relates to pituitary gland stress. Emotionally concern conflict with family members.In addition, it relates to Pyruvic acid imbalance, tendency to have blood sugar imbalance, insulin sensitivity and hepatic stress.
b) Linear collarette sections at 5'-20' & 70'-90' indicates tendency to fructose imbalance, low mood, hyperinsulinemia and magnesium imbalance.
c) Lacuna indentation at 55' suggest erratic blood sugar or family medical history of cardiovascular problems.
d) Local extended collarette at 55' relates to neurotransmitters disturbances associated with Serotonin imbalance tendency to have IBS, migraines, depression, anxiety disorder and loss of pleasure in interests.