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Who is Master Luong Minh Dang?

Written By Bro Luan Truong

This is the question that has been quite a curiosity to many Universal Energy students, they always discuss
with each other about it, and I am also having the similar thought, I like to find and ask those former students who have joined Universal Energy School before I did: Who is Master Dang? Which higher being that he represents for on earth? Well, through a number of responses by a few brothers and sisters, and through the Master’s answers and his teachings in the classroom. Now, I am not surprising or worrying about it anymore, perhaps I had the answer, or such matter is not important to my study and research anymore. The following portion after this part is kind a belong to some individual characteristics of the writer, and I would like to share with our brothers and sisters.
I joined Universal Energy School in 1996, I don’t remember clearly the date or month, may be it’s not that important to me right now, perhaps it’s just like those cloud clusters flying in mid-air in one afternoon, and slowly disappeared when the night comes. But when I see the Master for the first time in the conference hall at Holiday Inn, Master Dang had given me a profound impression. From that time on, my thought about life has changed gradually, like the most beautiful morning, the morning that has changed my life.
In the conference hall, everyone awaits for the Master’s arrival, the voice of people and the sound of laughing have agoged the whole conference hall. My family, three persons sit quietly, it seems like each of us continually follow our own private thoughts. Suddenly, the voice of the announcer echoes: would you please brothers and sisters come inside, because the Master is about to come. The atmosphere of the conference hall suddenly quiets down, the last minute, everyone just stand-up, a few hands clapping at the main entrance, and the sound of clapping slowly spreads throughout the conference hall, I surprisingly see a man walking quickly into the crowd of students following the reserved pathway that leads to the platform, I surely guess that must be Master Dang, I was still standing and clapping along with everyone, my eyes kept looking toward the crowd, those students with cameras try to squeeze through the crowd to take picture of the Master, it seems like the lights of cameras were flashing continuously. In the happy atmosphere and full of animation that was prolonging for a while.
When I recognized the Master, I was touched and uneasy, I was kind of receiving an eminent love that I could not describe. I could not hold my emotional feeling and I had to cry out, I was truly crying, my tears overwhelmed. I knew that I could not control myself anymore. I was embarrassed and bewildered, I raised my hand up and wiped off my tears, and then I tried to laugh along with everyone else. When the Master got on the platform, he looked down and said: “brothers and sisters sit down”, then, everybody sat down. The atmosphere became quiet and more serious. Master began to teach a few special instructions on level 3, and then he opened chakras 100% for everybody.
He was sitting on the table with his legs folded, both eyes were closed, then every student placed their hands on chakra 6 and 7, their eyes were focusing on Master’s chakra 6. About a few seconds later, it seems like I see the Master sitting in mid-air just like Buddha in the portrait, and I saw the light was radiating out around him, it beamed directly into my chakra 6, I thought my eyes got dazzled, I blinked my eyes a few times to get my normal vision back, then I see the Master sitting still without moving in the entire conference hall everyone sits still like statues, it seems like space and time had stopped... A few seconds later, I still see the Master sitting in mid-air like Buddha again, those lights were still beaming directly into my chakra 6.
On the way back to my room at the hotel, I heard everyone was discussing about the strange phenomenon within that one minute when the Master was opening the chakras. Someone saw the entire conference hall covered-up with fog, someone else determined Master was Jesus Christ, some other group believed that he was Virgin Mary bringing love to bestow the children, some other people thought the Master was the Goddess Sphinx ... about myself, I was still thinking unclear, my wife and daughter were having their own thoughts, all three of us return to the room and sit quietly, we were afraid to speak-out, because we fear to lose what we had in our thought that day.
That night, all the students had their chakras opened 100 %. Certainly, they hope to have a nice dream, the dream that we can communicate and learn with the higher beings. As for myself, I kept staying awake to rewind the movie of my life, and I have never understood myself like that time. I suddenly saw myself clearly that I had many selfish personalities, narrow minded since I was young up until now, all I intended to do was just for my own fames and benefits, even when I was crossing an ocean for freedom, I almost lost my life, I never had any noble thought. I tried to get rid of these thoughts, but they kept coming back into my mind.
Second day, I came in the conference hall real early to observe the pictures that displayed on both side of the platform, I just want to see there is any explanation about what I saw yesterday during that one minute when the Master opens chakras. My heart and mind were very conscious, I remember all the mathematic formulas such as physics principles, optics etc ... my mind has analyzed and checked quickly, those things that I have seen was a strange phenomenon that I never saw in my life.
When the classroom was just settling, the Master immediately introduced the level 4: “Today, I will transfer energy to all of you, so you will have enough ability to use chakra 6 to spin other chakras”. The Master sits on the chair normally, all students keep quite and turn to the direction of the Master, when the Master says begin, everyone in the whole convention hall keeps quite, the atmosphere was especially serious, we can only hear the sound of the air conditioners. A few seconds later, the energy that radiates from the Master has covered all over in the conference hall, now I see two opalescent human shadows like cloud standing on both side of the Master, I understood right away that these two higher beings are transferring the powerful energy to everybody, I was amazed and my whole body got stiffened, I did not know that I should be glad or fear at this moment, I was sure both of my eyes were not agoged (in the later seminars, I try to look, but I could not see those supernatural images anymore.)
After I got back to my hometown, a few friends came to visit, I told them about the two seminars and the supernatural images that I saw, the story has finished, but those people did not feel anything differently. Follow that, everyone had to tell a story about Master Dang or Universal Energy School that they have experienced in. Since then, we always mention about Master Dang and Universal Energy School, I don’t know and I have not concluded which higher beings Master Dang is representing for. Actually, I really don’t know about Buddha or Jesus Christ, but one thing that I know for sure that Master Dang has brought light, happiness and peace to my family. Since then, it seems like there is guidance and instruction in all my thoughts and actions. Now, I am truly starting to focus on a new perspective, the perspective of spirituality. If we know that we are human beings with bone and flesh, created by yin & yang, five elements, and grow-up in some particular environment of a society. Then, all the sentimental, thinking, and activities must have a deep impact with that particular environment and society. Because of this reason, the majority of mankind is limited by the customs and activities of their society.
Whether by a natural way or by force, the humanity on this earth could not use their Freedom-Right.
Through the teachings of the Master. Now, I can see this is a Master that really is teaching the truth for our brothers and sisters, he teaches us to be more conscious about our Freedom-Right. The teaching-words of Master Dang, I have never heard from any other Master, the notions of Master Dang, I have never see in any book or bible. Even the teaching methods of Master Dang are always helping us to untie all bonds of our society and customs. Therefore, the topic that aims to find-out who is Master Luong Minh Dang?
This is just like another form of bond, if we truly know who is Master Dang? Then, we will be busy worrying on the comparison with other spiritual leaders. This is precisely of what our Master has said: “ All the higher beings that come down to this world with the purpose to help mankind, not coming down here to introduce to humanity that I am Jesus Christ, I am God, I am Buddha....”.
Perhaps, I have enough reasons to conclude who is our Master? He is a Buddha, He is a Jesus Christ, or one higher being that represents God down here on earth... I have studied and done a lot of research on many books and bibles, from Eastern to Western Philosophy, or even weekly preaching on television. I see that the topic of finding who is Master Dang is not that necessary, and don’t let it bother you, even the Master doesn’t want that also. However, whatever the Master has taught us? Whatever we have learned? Which Truth has enlightened our intelligence, helps us enlighten the spiritual path, helps us live in wisdom, these are the things that I would like to discuss with our brothers and sisters within the article: “Who is Master Luong Minh Dang?”
The majority of everybody think our Master must be an extraordinary person that exceeds above everyone else, a person that people fear and respect. This is a normal selfish thought, let us put it aside. Let us keep our heart and mind in serenity, let our heart and mind be Free. Master Dang will be with us in the new world, a world without divisions or hatreds, a world without turmoil and disease, that is a world full of love and wisdom.
I still remember my senior year in high school, before 1975’s. There was a subject called Philosophy, the subject talks about ethics and virtuosity. The content of the subject is just like the improvement of how to change a mind of a person, the entire subject is based on the mind foundation of Western philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Jean Paul Sartre, Friedrich Hegel...I was very encouraged and inspired with this subject, I thought that I will understand all the things that I was always hoping to find, then at the end of that school year, the emptiness and anxiety were still overwhelmed within me. The philosophy subject gave me the feeling about my maturity.
However, the laws, the rules, the theorems, all of these have narrowed and limited the mind of humanity. Even with any foundation of thought, our blood has been flowing with The Five Virtues (benevolence, righteousness, civility, knowledge, loyalty), The Three Follows (to follow the advice of one’s parents while a maiden, that of one’s husband while a wife, and that of one’s children, when a widow), The Four Virtues (proper employment, proper demeanor, proper speech, proper behavior), The Pious and Loyalty Reflections...one Khong-Tu, one Manh-Tu...and at the same period, high school and college students of the north of Vietnam with full of reasoning about Social Study, Dialectics of Friedrich Engels, Karl Max, Lenin and also during this time, Catholic has a big impact with the Vietnamese Society, many downwiths, many scuffles. I feel like a ball that bouncing back and forth inside the four walls : the religious wall, the political wall, the tradition wall, and the ideology wall. We have confined ourselves within these walls, we were drawing-along and whirling within the world of many notions, many arguments, and many menaces. Facing the turmoil of society, people usually lose their right of freedom, or they lose it themselves. According to the law of argument, humanity don’t have their True Freedom-Right, they lose the wisdom of the soul. Of course, it is nobody’s fault, no country’s fault.
Sometimes, I don’t talk much, I use that private time to follow my own thoughts, I like to find my
“TRUE SELF”, and I don’t like to be tight-up to any specific theory. Sometimes, I feel like I am dragging my footstep in a vast desert, I just need a small amount of water and a direction, my hope was so despaired...
The appearance of Master Dang is like the stars in the sky helping me to determine my own direction, like the cool drops of water decreasing the heat wave of the desert. A precise necessity for a quest, an essential demand. Now, many burdens of my life had settled down, the remaining is just the emptiness, lightness and wisdom. Master Dang is MY SALVATION, he has untied many bonds for me, I have found my FREEDOM, and I have found my “TRUE SELF”. Master Dang is my happiness and wisdom, he didn’t come just for myself, but for millions of brothers sisters. Master Dang came for whoever needed him, regardless of what you are? We are living in the world of confusion, the world that has too many connections. How can we liberate ourselves out of the material bond, society bond, custom bond, and finally to FREE OUR MIND so we can see THE TRUTH, the only truth that humanity has been searching for a long time.
In fact, we don’t have to stand outside of the turmoil to find the truth, because the truth is always changing according to each period of time and environment, if we do see the truth changing at each stage, and combine all of these truths together, then we will see a path that humanity used to call Spiritual Path. Everything that surrounding us even our physical body, they are just the temporary vehicles for us to use to find the truth. What is the truth here? That is the light and happiness, it is the wisdom of your soul, and this is the key to unlock all bonds so it can help us to be wise and enlightened. Mankind has been on this earth for many billions of years, this period of time is long enough to help humanity to see all things in this world have changed irregularly. This essential change helps mankind to learn and evolve, so there are no rules right for all periods. However, human can build a heaven on these four words “Justice” and “Love”. It’s time for mankind to “cleanse themselves up” so they can move to the new period, the old rules did not have enough ability to help mankind build a saintly life with love. Master Dang is always reminding us that: “ONLY A HUMAN BEING CAN HELP ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, BESIDES HUMAN THERE IS NO ONE ELSE TO HELP THE HUMAN BEING”. Indeed, there is no power of any higher being or God that had given to any specific individual in this world. Laws, regulations, doctrines, books, bibles...these are the creations of man according to the comprehension level of humanity at that point of time, or according to the benefits of some individual, group or country. Jesus Christ came into the world to remind and to teach us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, the image of Christ on the cross indicated that The Lord wants mankind to see and understand what true love is? True Love is making the sacrifices, no narrow minded, no selfishness, and forget ourselves to serve everyone else. Jesus Christ has left the world for 2000 years now, mankind is still living in an ocean of sorrows. Everyone talks about “Love”, but who practices it correctly and completely, in the meaning of Love, it must include the Unity, the Harmony, and the Equality between two perspectives of opposition such as: (good, bad), (righteousness, evil), (light, dark).... Humanity have learned the good from the bad, they learned to be more successful from failures...When a person be able to perceived and understood this pair of opposition, then such individual has obtained that particular wisdom, they would accept and be happy under any circumstance, they are not criticizing anymore, but they would forget themselves and help others.
Because of their own benefits and interests, human has created their own power. Indeed, there are no higher beings that would give them such power in this world. All rituals and worships are only helping people to stay calm during the ceremony, it does not help mankind to be enlightened on spiritual path, and also it doesn’t give any kind of benefit to the evolution of the soul. The majority of all ceremonies and worship are usually due to the tradition and custom of a country.
There is a friend of Master Dang who was holding a high position in Vietnam before 1975, at one dinner party in California asked me: What do you think about your Master Dang? If you don’t mind, I would like to hear in details from his student. I replied: Like all other human beings, we like to criticize and laugh at one another, it seems like their own natural personality. You know, there are good and bad things about any Master. Master Dang has 100 good things, and perhaps the thing number101 had created a curiosity to several people...Then, you should take time and listen well to what I would define, so you will understand it better
The friend of the Master felt so strange through the way I was talking. Therefore, he kept quiet and let me go on:
The topic about a man and a woman would never be ended through any conversation. There are not that many people who are thoroughly understood about the relationship between these two genders, and there are not that many people out there who has enough intelligence to talk about the relationship between a man and a woman on spiritual path either. Humankind from ancient time up until now, they still have the same concept that man is more important than woman, this is not a great concept, it is a giant barrier to spiritual evolution. Because of selfishness and narrow mindedness of man, they created rules, laws, and traditions, customs that tie to the female gender. But they don’t know that all greatest and famous leaders of the world were born from the woman, even Buddha and Jesus Christ were born from the woman. Only the Love of the mother is a greatest sacrifice with no boundaries and conditions, and this main LOVE is the Love that each and every human being must have within their heart and soul, any human being want to be a Saint, a Buddha, or a Jesus Christ...They must have this kind of Love within them.
I see Master Dang loves his mother very much. Therefore, anything that he does, his goal is always aiming on the teachings that may awake his students, and the ability to perceive his teachings is still depending on the level of comprehension, fortunate, and opportunity of that student. Master has taught : “The Husband and Wife that love each other truly is the highest spiritual path“.
A person that wants to reach a True Doctrine or a True Enlightenment, he/she must attain the absolute freedom of the mind, if in the mind of oneself still has miscellaneous worries, then such individual loses the freedom. How can they comprehend the relationship between the two different genders, then they will encounter with hundreds of bitter problems and thousands of drastic difficulties. Therefore, if a person wants to attain the freedom of the mind, they have to get rid of the traditions and customs which only bring sorrows and separations to people, mostly, the dictator concept of love between a man and a woman, such as (a beautiful girl must stay inside, cannot go outside) or (man and woman cannot stay close together) or (when a girl is at home she must serve her father, when she is married she must serve her husband, when her husband passed-away, she must serve her children) or (The theory of husband is a king, and wife is a slave) or (when a man marries a woman, the woman is in his possession)...Furthermore, the human physical body is just a fake and temporary vehicle which only helping the soul to learn and evolve. If we pay too much attention to the physical body, then we missed out a great opportunity to learn in one human life.
Another important lesson that the Master wants to teach us is about The Honor and The Prestige. Honor and prestige are just a Vain-glory. In fact, it does-not gives you any kind of benefit on the development of spiritual path. Because of Honor and Prestige, people created many divisions and hatred within family, society, nation, and the world. We, ourselves, created our own turmoil. Problems are everywhere, because we lack of knowledge and lack of love. These are the reasons we lose the freedom of the mind. They are great and famous students of the Master over the five continents, but Master Dang never took any pride. Master Dang does things very clearly to prove to people....With this intention is a sacrifice for his students to avoid the biggest mistake of mankind is “ Criticizing one another ”. To conclude my answer with the Master’s friend, I would like to add something about Master Dang : If Master Dang is an ordinary person, how can he travel the five continents, and He is only speaking Vietnamese, if Master Dang is an ordinary person, how can he gather almost 6000 advanced members for Spiritual Human Yoga World Congress in Geneva in 1999. Including 64 countries and direct translation with 13 different languages, if Master Dang is an ordinary person, how can he has over one million students all over the world bringing light and happiness to people. Actually, I have thought to share my researches and studies from Master Dang with others. Indeed, there is no one in this world who would understand Master Dang besides God. Master Dang is the only Master on this earth teaching his students the lessons that go beyond books of this world. If mankind keeps holding on to the knowledge which only proved in history with failures, separations, hatreds and wars, and like to CRITICIZE one another, obstructing the evolution of mankind, which means they are still living in the dark side of history.
Later on, this friend has become one of the Master Dang’s students, he is very friendly and very respectful to Master. Because, he doesn’t see any distance between two human beings.
The Master’s words are very simple, but it helps me realize many problems and it has also enlightened me. Master Dang is not only a remarkable Master, but he is also a Philosopher that helps me understand the profound definition about human beings and spiritual life. His philosophy is also a conclusion of my research process. How many philosophy books are there in this world. They are all focusing on the objective of educating people to achieve a high level of consciousness, a profound comprehension about human beings and the universe. This is the main reason which people thought they have attained a marvelous education. Eventually, there will be complications and vague in our philosophy knowledge, this is another reason why we lose our freedom of the mind. The knowledge of mankind is their big achievement, which also helps me to do the research about the truth, and with the Master’s assistance, I understood the truth of life, the true meaning of living. The words of Master are simple but very profound, his philosophy enlarges our intelligence and clairvoyance. By the way, I just want to remind our brothers and sisters to, try to do deep research on the Master’s words from those books that printed from our seminars, these are valuable documents that we cannot find any where else. From the complicated books turning into simple phrases and easy to understand. For instance, in the special meeting at Tiel, in Holland, Master has talked about The Seven Passions (greed, impatient, passionate, joy, anger, love, hate), his logic was very simple, everyone could understand the subject easily. Why clergy people cannot attain Nirvana? Why humankind always encounters forever dead-locks? How did the Master help us untie these knots and overcome them? These are the things that we really want to know and truly want to learn, so we can train and evolve ourselves. If we listen to the cassette tape from that meeting, we will hear very clearly from his voice to the way he used his words, you will be noticed that he is from south of Vietnam, a plain country of Cuu-Long river. Short and simple, but it reveals all the meaning that our Master wants to guide us. He did not need to use any technical words of philosophy or of any religion .... But, he is still being able to present all perspectives of life and all the depths of spirituality. Anyhow, if we listen to the cassette tape or re-read our notes from seminars ....It does make us feel happy, peaceful and encouraging, this is an example : “The purpose of our Universal Energy School is how to do research and study to create a powerful energy, and this energy should be powerful enough to respond to the requirement of helping the whole mankind to become like us .... having a harmony living between human beings. With our positive efforts, we continue on our direction. You and I, We are having the same and profound direction which is to help mankind. Therefore, God has given us the capability and power together with our study and research in the shortest time, but with plenty of good results. Who are the humanities, here? They are no strangers, they are our children, grand children and many generations to come, and this is our family.” I have read a few books of some great writer and the newspaper was highly complimenting him. I have heard that many famous people received Nobel award for Peace, I have seen propagandas from well know international spiritual leaders...But I still see much confusion and sorrow from all of those things. Our Master is not a great writer, but his words are truly penetrating and made my heart vibrate, he has awakened me after a long dream that overloaded with misfortune of a human life. Our Master doesn’t have a Nobel Award, but each of his lessons is a torch that lights-up my heart, give me more insights on my spiritual path and each of my thought. His Eloquence is not for people or newspapers to compliment, but he is here because of humanity, he wants to help humanity to be awakening and enlighten about peace, love, and harmony living among human beings. Our Master has lightened and simplified everything. He is not a Saint or a great Monk, but he is always bringing light and happiness to everyone, and he doesn’t say compassion, but he never leave his hearts felt-wish for mankind unfinished . Now, let return to the topic Who is Master Luong Minh Dang? This is the part that you have to do the consideration yourself. Our Master used to say: “In Life, we help people alleviate pains and get rid of illnesses. In Spirituality, we help wandering souls to reincarnated or return to the light.” About life, we help people alleviate pains and get rid of illness. Indeed, our brothers and sisters have these kind of experiences, about myself , I see very clearly, after the first level 5.2 at Pattaya, in Thailand, I had an opportunity to come back to Vietnam to visit my family with the purpose to teach my family and their neighbors about Universal Energy.
Before I learn Universal Energy, each time I come back to visit I used to bring home a lot of gifts, there was always a box of western medicine of all kinds. But this visit I did not bring home any medicine, my mother was the one who used to get cold hands and feet, and could not sleep for many years. At this time, my wife had checked out my mother condition by chakra 6 and found out that she had a heart murmur, just one time of energy transmission into chakra 4, my mother slept very well that night, her hands and feet did not feel cold anymore since that visit. My niece also had a heart problem and hospital had surrendered her condition after treating her for several months. Coincidently, just when I got back. I gave her an energy treatment, gradually she felt better on the next day, I continued to give her energy treatment for two weeks, she recovered completely and feeling very well up today. During that time, I have taught my family’s members and their neighbors level 1, level 2, and level 3 theory. It has been four years and I have not send home any medicine. Now, they are healthy and very happy, before they were working very hard and just had enough money for medicines, now they are able to use Universal Energy to treat each other illnesses. This is just 1 part of 1000 amazing stories about our Universal Energy school, the reason that I want to bring up is Why do we have the ability to transmit energy to help people get rid of their illness? All of our brothers and sisters have this ability directly or indirectly by Master Dang, so according to a proper terminology of this world, Master Dang is a great scientist, but if he doesn’t use any chemicals or acupuncture needles, then which title is proper enough besides a super scientist.
There is illness that have surrendered scientists, that is the wandering souls invaded a patient body, American people called it a person with multiple personalities. With current medical science, they just send these patients to mental hospital, sometimes a number of these patients must stay here for the rest of their life.
But with Universal Energy School, we call it “false mental illness”, it just needs two energy transmissions then the patient will return to the normal condition and these lost souls or evil spirits will be reincarnated or send to the light. These are the things that could not be easily understood by scientists. Now, which title is a proper one to call our Master. In fact, when we can call or thought of who is our Master? .... Then that title indicates the limitation and affectation on our study. Remember back to the prior years, almost every seminar, there is always a person who would ask that same question: “Please Master, can you let us know who you are?”. Through several responses of Master, now I have got a conclusion, but you never know, it might be an experience for our brothers and sisters on this training path. All the things that he taught us, he’s always aiming on a goal, helping us to escape out of the incomprehension that had been piling up for many lives, and lead us back to the wisdom that may bring us enlightenment. For instance, a person in religion A always thinks his/her religion is the best, it is the righteous religion, and everything else outside religion A is not as good as theirs even they call them heterodox or evil religion, even though religion A did not bring them any study or enlightenment. I like to bring out a mathematic concept about Assembly, call religion A is an assembly of all truths, righteousness, commandments, restrictions....religion B is an assembly of all truths, righteousness, rules, regulations, restrictions...religion C...so on.
Religion A has its own leader, its own bibles with its principles and restrictions. Followers are taught to obey these principles or restrictions accordingly. Whatever they do, they’re always afraid to go beyond that boundary A. Since then, we can see that anyone who is following a religion always give themselves a set of principles and a boundary to confine themselves within that limitation, this matter is usually influenced by society, custom, and family conformity.
Between two religions, there is always competition about affectation, criticism, and argument. Even it brings an unnecessary conflict to defend their own righteousness.
There are many extreme conflicts at several countries in the world, the followers of religion B receive assistance from the religion B’s leader. Actually, this leader has the power to give his followers a better and safer place to dwell-in. Turn back a few pages from history, when a colonist wants to place a domination on a country, then follow that as a religion, the morality of a country with several religions usually has a deep division. All religions are good and noble, but pre-history has proved there were so many sorrowful conflict from religion to religion, a heart-rending sight from holy wars, and the competition still goes on.
Each religion that delivers into this world, there is a division within mankind. These divisions are the barriers to the evolution of humanity. How many spiritual leaders that came into this world and left a boundary for humanity when they passed away. Master Dang comes to us without a boundary, life has many lessons, and he teaches us all the lessons. He teaches us to do the research and study on our Universal Energy School, we never had a boundary, we learn good thing, we learn bad thing, we learn all things in the school of life. That is our wisdom, it is a knowledge without a limitation. Master Dang is not Buddha or Jesus Christ when he comes to this world, and he is not even a leader of any religion, but Master Dang is a person that brings wisdom to all of us, and he’s also bringing light and happiness to mankind. The Master has done his work, now it is time for us to do our work.

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