Monday, October 05, 2009

Iridology Analysis- 14

right iris

1) The Stress Axis

a)Radial perpendicular to Pituitary-Hypothalamus-Adrenal glands - So called The Stress Axis. The Stress Axis indicates a strong disposition for the individual to experience adverse reactions and poor adaptability to stress. Many patients with anxiety, recurrent gingivitis insomnia or panic attacks have a Stress Axis, according to John Andrews.

b) Also called Radial Furrows, it indicates a deficiency in nerve energy. Because of this lack of nerve energy, toxins are not easily released and parasites may dwell in the body when see this sign.

2) Contarction Furrows - circular grooves in this iris, which caused by a buckling of the fibers over of time and indicate a genetic tendency for tension and stress.

3) Thicken Collarette - indicates strong disposition to rheumatic disease and disturbances in the acid base balance.

4) Black colour in the limbus zone or elimination layer, inidcates skin disorder.

left iris
Another signs of Stress Axis and Radii Solaris lines, inidcates this client was under emotional stress and tension. Suggest for Phytobiophysics treatment and Emotional Freedom Technique.

According to John Andrews, a break or terminate of contraction furrow, which indicates a focus of stress, nutritional necessity, cellular regeneration and oxygeneration, neuromuscular tension or immunological involvement

A closer view of radial furrows with a deep groove spreading start from the collarette crossing humoral zone through elimination zone.

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