Saturday, August 20, 2011

Haematogenic Constitution/Neurogenic/B1 Type - (shgg)

Preliminary assessment ~
- Neurogenic structure, B1 type, perfect, robust, tight, compact iris fibers structure.
- Radial furrows attached on the frontal brain zone.
- Achromia or Hypopigmentation ( J.Andrews) appears in the overall ciliary zone.
- Hypotrophy of the collarette due to heavily melanin pigmentation in pure brown iris.
- Lighter brown ring appears in the inner pupillary zone / collarette.
- Potential inherited behavioural - result oriented, target driven, highly motivated, dynamic, sensitivity, perfectionism & procrastination, under stressful and tension emotion...
- Genetically in high resiliency to recover and resistance to illness and disease.
- Solitary structural sign is the most impact to be highlighted.
- Pupil Tonus, IPB, Inner Pupillary Zone & Inner Pupillary Border are the most priority to be analyzed....... 


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